All You Need To Know About Creating A Research Paper Title Page

The first page on your research paper is usually the title page. This is majorly designed to identify the writer, the specific institution and the discipline in which the topic is created and therefore, it makes it easier for the lecturer to award marks. There is therefore need to create this page effectively so that you do not confuse the reader. Outlined below are the major things you need to consider:

  • Compose the title
  • This page should have the title. This helps to differentiate your paper from those of other students. Therefore, you should make sure that you compose your title in the correct manner. However, it is possible to have the same title with another student. What matters in this case is the other information such as the name and the registration number. On this page, your title should not exceed twenty words. If it does, consider cutting it short so that you have something that is acceptable by everybody. When composing this, you should also make sure that you maintain originality and use captivating language.

  • Write your name and the registration number
  • In a university, some students normally have similar names but what makes a clear distinction are their various registration numbers. It is not possible for any two students to have similar registration numbers. Therefore, in case your paper gets lost, these two will be very handy in helping the teacher to identify the owner. They should not miss and should always come first. Once you have crafted them, you should proofread them to make sure they are correctly crafted.

  • The name of the lecturer
  • The lecturer who is responsible for marking your work should have his or her name crafted on this page. In case it gets lost, the lecturer can be identified. In crafting this, all the names of the lecturer should be written in the correct way. Initials should be avoided in this case and a student should aim at writing the names in full. If you are uncertain about the names, you should be able to ask it from other students.

  • Compose the date on which the assignment was submitted
  • The date is very important when composing the title page. This should be the date on which the assignment was submitted for marking. In cases any issues arise, the date can effectively determine when the work was crafted.


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