How To Organize APA Format Research Paper In-Text Citations?

In text citation for APA formatting style uses the author date method. This implies that the name of the author and the year the book was pushed should be included in the citation. An example is (John, 2010). Do not worry about the full details of the publication. These details will be included in the reference page at the end of your paper.

Different rules apply when referring to a quotation from another author or book that has been referenced in the book you are using currently. In this case, you are required to make reference of the name of the author and the year of publication. The page number does not have to appear in this instance. The details of all the sources you use in your citation will appear at the end of your paper.

Main Citation Features

Two information pieces are crucial when citing a source

  1. The author or authors of the book. If no author is give, use the first words of the book title
  2. The year the book was published.

In case the information is obtained from the book and is not a quotation from another source, the page number must be included.

There are different ways of making in-text citations when writing your research paper.

  • When the name of the author forms part of the sentence, only the year of publication is distinct as a citation. Parenthesis is used in this case. For example, John (2013) studied the behavior of drivers on the road.
  • When the name of the author is not part of the sentence, it must be included in parenthesis alongside the year of publication. A comma is used to separate the author and the year of publication. For instance, in the study (John, 2013) drivers were easily distracted by alcohol.
  • When both the year and name of author form part of the sentence, you do not need to use parenthesis. The two must appear as natural parts of the sentence. Example, In a study in 2013, John observed that fatigue caused up to 30% of accidents.
  • The inclusion of pages can be within the parenthesis alongside the year and name of the author or at the end of the sentence. Example, This study (John, 2013, p. 40) concludes that… The other option is, the study (John, 2013) found out that fatigue killed more drivers than drugs (p. 44). It is also acceptable to include the page number at the reference section.

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