Quick Advice On Which Research Paper Format To Select

A research paper is primarily about conducting your own research on a subject or topic and presenting your findings. The primary aim of a research paper is to see how well you can assimilate your information and present it in concrete terms. There are a variety of research paper formats that are in use.

When you are writing a research paper your supervisor doesn’t always suggest the format you should use. It is up to you to choose the format you feel is best for your topic. The kind of format you choose sometimes affects your grade.

There are certain things that you should think about before you choose a format.

Study samples

There are thousands of samples available online for you to look at. Your university must also have an archive where they keep the projects that had scored the top grade. Both are easily accessible and are a good place to begin. Look through the top grade research projects. Properly try to understand why they used a particular format. Notice if a particular format is being used by most students. While perusing the formats try to think in terms of your project and what would be appropriate for it. You can download the formats online and look at them. Try finding topics similar to yours to see what format such projects have used.

Talk to others

It’s always a good option to talk to others who are either doing their research paper or have completed them. Knowing what other people prefer will aid you in making a decision. You can even talk to other professors. If your supervisor hasn’t given you a specific format, you can consult the other professors of your department to know what they prefer. Talking to students who have finished their thesis and have got good grade helps a lot. You get to know for sure what kind of format is preferred by your university. Obviously it differs from topic to topic but knowing the general preference helps. Asking your fellow classmates is also helpful.


After you have seen all formats and talked to people, sit down. Mull over the different formats and consider your topic. Every person’s thesis topic is different so their choice of format need not be same. If you can present your topic in a format not adopted by all, you can still get a good grade. As long as your presentation is perfect. Your topic should determine the format.

It all comes down to your presentation of the facts. Decide how you wish to present your research and choose a format accordingly.


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