Coming Up With A Strong Title For A Research Paper On Animal Testing

Animal testing is a process of testing the effects of certain drugs or products on animals, before it is declared safe for use. The process has been a regular since a long time ago. It is dangerous to test prototypes on humans as they may cause serious side effects or harm humans. Hence, animals are used to determine the safety of a product. Recently because of awareness and creation of animal rights, this practice is being protested against. Many scientists have discovered ways by which one can check the safety without hurting animals. As animals can’t speak it isn’t fair to subject them to anything.

Animal testing is a very strong and current topic. It is one of the major concerns of animal lovers around the world. A research paper concerning animal testing would be relevant and appreciated if written properly. As with all research papers, the title is one of the biggest challenges. A title will lay down the direction of your paper. Here are some titles from which you can get inspiration to decide the one for your paper.

  1. A history of the testing of animals: the tracing of the experiments and products that have been tested on animals and how they have turned out to be harmful to animals.
  2. A study of the stages of evolution of animal testing: when and how it all began.
  3. Animal testing often saves humans from various risks involved in human testing. It also makes the products safer for the consumers. Yet, is it legitimate to harm animals for this?
  4. Compare and present a study of two giant manufacturing brands that make use of animal testing for their products. Show how they treat and use the animals.
  5. A study of how many companies will be damaged and manufacturing will stop if animal testing is banned.
  6. The necessity of animal testing before human testing. A study of how animal testing is an essential part of production of various commodities to match regulation standard.
  7. A hypothetical proposal and study of a situation where animal testing has been banned. Show its effect on the working of manufacturing industries whose products relied on animal testing.
  8. Stem cell research: a study of the recent procedure that aims to put a stop to animal testing.

Yes, animal testing is essential in many industries like make up industries. Yet it is not ethical to test harmful things on animals. Choose a topic you are in favor of and write your research paper accordingly.


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