15 Thought-Provoking Ideas For A Research Paper About Abortion

Willing to write a research paper on the subject of abortion, but have not yet figured out what topic you’d like to work on? There are several different topics that you can come up with and if you’d like to get a grade that’s worth being happy about here are 5 topics on the subject of abortion that must be considered:

  1. What are the reasons for abortion being a good thing?

  2. Why should you be against abortion?

  3. What are the top technological advancements that make abortion safer?

  4. Describe the reason why some religions do not permit abortion to take place?

  5. Should the government make all abortions free of charge?

  6. When it is never a good idea to have an abortion?

  7. Should abortion only be used as a last resort?

  8. What are the health implications of having several abortions?

  9. Do you feel that the cost of abortion to the average person should be lowered?

  10. Why are abortions used by teenagers to solve their problems?

  11. Describe the history of abortions

  12. Should abortions be discreet or should the parents always be told?

  13. Should there be requirements regarding abortions

  14. How abortions help people get out of a bad relationship?

  15. What should be the period of time for abortion to be permitted?

Help with selecting a suitable title

As you can see the range of titles above is diverse, you just need to understand the several different factors that go into selecting a title. These are: amount of related info out there, your interest levels, how easy the topic is and how unique it is. Once you have given all of these factors consideration you’ll have a good knowledge base upon how to select one. Just understand that the more time you spend on the selection process the less time you have to complete the work.

At the end of the day you have to select the kind of title that can make you interested to do the work. If you locate such a title then your motivation levels will rise significantly as you begin to want to find out more about what it is that you are studying – this golden rule has worked for many other students.


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